Close to one-third of all Americans report experiencing knee pain at some point in their lives. Knee pain can be due to medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and infections. It can also result from injuries such as fractures, knee bursitis, and kneecap dislocation. There is no doubt your choice of shoes can contribute to knee injuries or worsen an existing knee pain condition.

When you have knee pain or a problem with your feet, a solution like Knee Visc5®, ViscoGen™, or spinal decompression can offer lasting relief. At ViscoGen™, our team of professionals will help you stay active by choosing the right shoes for adequate knee support.

How Wrong Shoes Affect Your Knees

Collapsed Arches

If your feet fail to get sufficient support, your arches will ultimately collapse. Arch issues contribute to chronic foot pain that may lead to incorrect gait and knee pain. When walking with aching feet, your knees become strained as you try to avoid the pain. The common shoe types that cause collapsed arches are flip-flops and flats with no internal support.

High Knee Impact

Your favorite formal shoes could also be affecting your knees. Stiletto heels specifically are the common culprit that pushes your entire body off the alignment and forces the knees to endure a higher impact than expected. It is advisable to wear heeled shoes occasionally to minimize knee impact.


If your shoes fail to provide enough support, your lower body motion will weaken. The lack of support forces your knees to bend improperly and become unstable. Adequate support is critical, especially during physical activity, including running, playing sports, or standing for long periods. During any of your physical activities, ensure you wear athletic shoes with adequate internal support, side posts, and strong heel cups.

Lower Body Fatigue

Lower body fatigue can occur with any ill-fitting shoe, especially flip-flops. Wearing improper shoes puts a lot of pressure on your feet. Once your body becomes tired, you will change the way you walk. These adjustments will ultimately tire out your knees and lead to acute knee injuries.

Experience Faster Knee Pain Relief with ViscoGen™ Proprietary Solutions

The type of shoes you wear determines the amount of pressure placed on your knees. Wearing the wrong kind of shoe results in a new knee problem or makes an existing problem worse. If you or a loved one is living with knee pain, contact ViscoGen™ today.

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