If you’ve sought care for chronic knee pain, it can be frustrating to spend time and money on therapies and procedures that don’t work. In rare cases, a knee replacement surgery truly is the only option for relief, but for many of the patients who are in that condition, factors like advanced age or obesity can make the surgery a very risky option with a long and painful recovery. It’s important to know that no injuries are isolated—damage and healing will involve the entire body, so it takes a comprehensive, integrative approach to get effective results.

Do You Need Knee Replacement Surgery?

A stunning study published in a 2014 volume of Arthritis and Rheumatology determined that up to 34% of the knee replacement surgeries performed over a 5 year period were deemed unnecessary in that the patients’ conditions didn’t meet international standards for replacement. In addition to these findings, functional expectancy of a replaced joint is 15-20 years at most, and with many active adults opting for replacements earlier and earlier, most need second replacement surgeries in their 60s and 70s. With these statistics in mind, it’s definitely best to avoid or delay a replacement for as long as possible.

How Does Multi-Faceted Treatment Help?

When it comes to an injury or a chronic condition, healing and relief aren’t as simple as replacing a part or getting a single injection. Damage in a large joint like the knee will involve many moving parts, including the bones, soft tissues, gait and biomechanical alignment, cushioning, muscle strength, and joint stability. KneeVisc 5®, our protocol, is an effective treatment will consider an integrative approach to improving and strengthening the condition of the joint from a variety of angles:

  • We first focus on relieving pain and inflammation in the joint to create a better healing environment in the joint and to improve function.
  • Targeted, strategic injections of an all-natural lubricant replaces lost fluid to improve cushioning and reduce friction, increasing mobility.
  • Next, joint re-alignment including bracing help to correct structural issues that can lead to muscular imbalance and uneven wear on soft tissues.
  • Strengthening the muscles around the joint improves integrity and provides long-term relief.
  • Injection of PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma facilitates and enhances improved healing of damaged tissues in and around the knee joint.

Considering Knee Replacement Surgery? Consider Alternatives First

Are you experiencing chronic, debilitating knee pain? What have treatments have you tried? Knee Replacement surgery comes with major commitments and expenses, and in many cases, it’s not required or even effective for relieving pain and improving function. When simpler solutions haven’t worked, it’s time to seek the compassionate, effective care of an experienced team with proven results. Contact ViscoGen™ today to learn about our comprehensive knee pain treatments and to see if they’re right for you!