Insurance is a major issue for many patients and people who suffer from knee pain. It is not uncommon for people to stick with surgical treatments that are covered or only go with a treatment that their insurance provider recommends. However, there are additional treatments available for people who want to avoid surgery but still receive knee pain treatment. Check out these four options that are typically covered by Medicare.

Physical Therapy

If you suffer from knee pain that was caused by a previous injury, then you may need physical therapy to recover. Many insurance plans cover this treatment option, and patients will typically work with a physical therapist on a weekly basis and then complete exercises at home. If you can follow the physical therapy plan and stay dedicated to your treatment, then you likely won’t need surgery.

Hot and Cold Therapies

Doctors are starting to use hot and cold therapies to treat pain without surgery. For example, cryotherapy (often referred to as “freezing the pain away”) uses a cold treatment to reduce inflammation which can cause pain and limit motion. There are also treatments that use hot therapy to relax the joints. Consider trying one of these alternative options to treat your chronic pain.

KneeVisc5® Non-Surgical Treatment

KneeVisc5® is an injection-based treatment plan that takes a comprehensive approach to pain. The treatment works to reduce inflammation, realign the joint, and enhance the healing of ligaments and tissue. This treatment plan follows a dedicated path to make sure that each step is carefully completed before moving on to the next part. You work with a doctor to complete the injections.

KneeVisc5® is covered by Medicare Advantage (PPO only) as well as Medicare United HealthCare, Cigna, Aetna, and ChampVA Wellcare. This means that our treatment plan is covered by the vast majority of insurance providers on the market.

Assistive Walking Devices

Staying off of your knee is one of the best ways to help it heal. Unfortunately, when you still have to go to work and run errands, that isn’t an easy task. Your doctor may recommend a walking device (like a brace, cane, or scooter) to take the pressure off of your leg so it can heal.

If you want to learn more about KneeVisc5® and these other non-surgical options for knee pain treatment, contact the doctors at ViscoGen™. We are happy to review your case and develop a plan to reduce your pain through your existing coverage. Call us today, we are here to help.