Modern advances in knee pain treatment are doing away with the notion that invasive surgery is the best or only way to treat chronic knee pain. It’s important to note, however, that successful treatment needs to be comprehensive, and not just focus on pain management, but also building integrity, stability and strength in and around the joint. Enter ViscoGen’s™ innovative KneeVisc 5® solution!

What is KneeVisc 5®?

KneeVisc 5® is an FDA-approved, comprehensive treatment plan that is designed to maximize results by using 5 steps that complement each other to reduce pain and increase mobility in a painful knee joint. With decreased pain and increased mobility, patients can get back to an active lifestyle and a healthy mindset:

Step 1: Working with an Accurate Diagnosis

To start the healing process, our first focus is on accurately determining the source of the issue using Advanced Imaging Technology so that the treatment protocol can be customized to provide effective results.

Step 2: Re-Lubricate the Knee Joint for Reduced Pain and Improved Mobility

Our next aim is to reduce the pain and inflammation that decreases mobility and joint function, by using the same Advanced Imaging Technology to administer an all-natural joint lubricant called Hyaluronic Acid with pinpoint precision. The HA injection will lubricate the interior of the joint and reduce friction and the bone-on-bone sensation.

Step 3: Correctly Align the Joint

When bracing is done correctly, it can be used to align the structures of the knee joint and proves to be very effective in redistributing pressure from unevenly worn areas of the joint. Throughout this non-surgical knee treatment process, your team will assess your progress and the correct use of a brace so it remains a supportive aspect of your knee pain treatment.

Step 4: Support Healing of Ligaments and Tissues

The KneeVisc 5® treatment process also includes an advanced injection procedure to stop any further damage to the knee joint and cartilage. This step contributes healing support by introducing growth factors that promote restoration of the tissues in the joint, and its all-natural content won’t lead to ligament damage like a steroid injection might.

Step 5: Strengthen the Joint for Better Stability

As part of this process, our team focuses on designing an individualized training plan that helps strengthen each patient’s area of need to improve stability around the knee joint, helping prevent further issues.

Is KneeVisc 5® Covered By Insurance?

ViscoGen™ is excited to share that this groundbreaking process is covered by Medicare Advantage (PPO Only), as well as Medicare, United Health Care, Cigna, Aetna, Champ VA, and Wellcare.

Failed Knee Pain Treatments?

If past treatments have failed to relieve your chronic knee pain, you owe it to yourself to learn more about ViscoGen’s™ KneeVisc 5® treatment process. Our goal was to develop the most effective treatments available to substantially relieve knee and joint pain without surgery, and our comprehensive, non-surgical knee treatment has been met with proven success. Call today for a consultation and to get on the path to a more active lifestyle.