Knee pain is a common condition that affects millions of Americans annually, and whether the pain is from an acute injury or overuse, or is due to regular wear and tear, nursing the pain can leave us less active than we’d like to be. In some cases, pain is severe enough to render us immobile, but experts agree that becoming sedentary after an injury can actually delay the healing process and make it that much more difficult to get moving again. Knee injuries can pose a challenge with this concept however, because they are the largest, weight-bearing joints in the body and experience four times the weight of the body in pressure. How can you keep moving when knee pain is intense? ViscoGen™’s anti-gravity treadmill, the AlterG®, may be your solution.


While acute injuries do require a brief period of rest, advances in sports and medicine over recent decades has some professionals thinking that the RICE method of mending an injury (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) should be modified to MICE (Movement, Ice, Compress, Elevate). Movement prevents inactivity from shutting down the muscle, which would restrict blood flow to surrounding tissues. Gradually increasing functional activities will bring healing oxygen and nutrients to injured areas and remove metabolic waste, and stimulate the release of chemical growth factors in cells which strengthen bone, cartilage, tendon and muscle. How does the AlterG® help?

Movement Without the Weight

One factor that greatly contributes to knee pain in general, and which prevents the movement necessary for pain relief is carrying extra pounds on your frame. According to experts, each pound of excess weight adds four pounds of pressure on the knees, and it’s hard to move for weight loss or to restore function when the weight and movement contribute to more pain. The AlterG® zero gravity treadmill at ViscoGen™ offers patients body weight support that reduces the sensation of pressure on the knees.

“The AlterG®’s innovative technology uses a harness and an inflatable attachment on a special treadmill to reduce bodyweight to a fraction of what it is,” says Dr. Gerry Mattia, Director of Rehabilitation at ViscoGen™.

“This allows our patients to walk – or even run – regaining their mobility faster without the pain and pressure of full body impact on the injured joints. This means everyone from athletes to seniors can maintain and regain muscle strength and improve their cardiovascular performance in a fail-safe way,” Dr. Mattia explains.

Knee Pain Doesn’t have to Stop your Active Lifestyle

If knee pain has slowed down your active lifestyle, you can get moving again with less pain and impact with help from the medical professionals at ViscoGen™. KneeVisc5 ®, our unique and comprehensive knee pain treatment plan, uses an integrative approach including the AlterG® zero gravity treadmill to work with all aspects of care around your injury. Please call us today for an appointment to have all of your questions answered and to learn about the different options available for you!