According to the Arthritis Foundation, more than 50 million people in the US have arthritis – a painful condition that causes inflammation in the joints. For many who suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee, this can be a common cause of knee pain. When it comes to knee pain treatment, some doctors will recommend knee replacement surgery. Though surgery is a fantastic medical solution to save lives, so many knee replacement surgeries often create new problems that may worsen the conditions of a patient.

So, which is the best treatment for knee pain? The experienced medical team at ViscoGen™ decided to pioneer the innovative KneeVisc 5® treatment program for chronic knee pain and osteoarthritis. Here is why you should consider this ViscoGen™ knee pain solution before opting for surgery:

A Comprehensive Treatment Plan

KneeVisc 5® is an injection-based knee pain treatment solution approved by the FDA. The treatment is a fully comprehensive knee rehabilitation program that involves a multi-step protocol for optimal results. Every step in the program you go through is a complement to the one before it. As a result, you experience a high level of pain reduction, and you can resume your everyday life faster than what a single treatment can offer.

What KneeVisc 5® Can Do Will Surprise You

KneeVisc 5® is a new non-surgical knee pain treatment plan preferred by many Orlando knee pain patients. The treatment involves an injection of natural lubricants that your body naturally produces daily to coat the knee joint – a far safer alternative to knee replacement surgery.

KneeVisc 5® works to reduce pain and inflammation, re-lubricate, realign and strengthen the knee joint for long-term relief. Also, it increases the natural healing of ligaments and tissue to promote knee mobility.

KneeVisc 5®: A Relief to Many Symptoms

KneeVisc 5® is a safe and effective knee pain solution that can relieve many other symptoms, including osteoarthritis, arthritis, scar tissue in the knee, muscle weakness, and knee bursitis. Also, if you have pain from past injury or over-exercising, trust ViscoGen™ as an effective solution.

Do you Have Knee Pain? Try ViscoGen™

The best results start with the best and qualified doctor. If you are looking for the best Orlando knee pain doctor, the medical team at ViscoGen™ is uniquely skilled in diagnosing and treating chronic knee pain conditions. Our experienced staff will go beyond treating the pain to analyze and correct the factors causing the pain. We use advanced and latest imaging equipment to help us precisely diagnose the source of the pain.

KneeVisc 5® is the safest alternative to knee replacement surgery. Book a free consultation with our team of medical doctors. Call us or fill our online form and let your journey to no-knee pain begin.