June is Men’s Health Month and the perfect opportunity for everyone to get active and fit with the best summer days ahead of us. However, injuries, illnesses, and other conditions might prevent some people from being their most active. For Men’s Health Month, the team at ViscoGen™ explains the benefits of seeking out our effective knee and back treatments to keep pain at bay.

Say Goodbye to Back Pain

Many men don’t consider that their back pain, which often comes from misaligned vertebrae of the spine. This causes nerve pressure, which in turn, can lead to muscle pain and spasms. The good news is that it can be effectively treated without the need for surgery – but staying consistent with therapy is essential for long-term improvement. For those who enjoy jogging, playing tennis, or golf but have stopped because their back pain was overbearing, there is already a solution for you.

In Orlando, ViscoGen™ is the choice provider for advanced spinal decompression therapy, an innovative, non-surgical treatment that provides relief and healing to the spine and spinal discs. It is a quick, pain-free procedure that gives results and has helped thousands of people get back to the green, the basketball court, or just the chance to run around with the grandkids! 

Your Source For Orlando Knee Pain Relief

When you have chronic knee pain and need relief, there are several options to weigh out. Surgery can be dangerous, with the risks of complications such as infection, more pain, and potentially failed surgery. 

That’s why ViscoGen™ provides KneeVisc 5® to the Orlando market – a minimally-invasive multistep knee program that works to strengthen, lubricate, and rebuild, rather than replace. 

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

ViscoGen™ is a unique team of doctors who focus on non-surgical treatments for pain management. Our team used to do surgery but now chooses to help our clients improve their mobility and reduce pain, using our proprietary Joint Visc and Knee Visc5® protocols or specialized injections. This means less chance of complications from surgery and reduced downtime, plus no need for anesthesia, letting you get back to your life faster. Give us a call today to schedule your personalized service!