Leslie Lewis was decorating her outside patio furniture when she slipped on the tile and twisted her knee. Immediately from that moment onward, Leslie began to experience all the negative symptoms of chronic knee pain, including the inability to enjoy her favorite activity: walking on the beach.

It wasn’t long before Leslie found herself at an orthopedist’s office, who recommend a knee replacement surgery. While she considered it to be an option down the line, she knew it wasn’t her only option.

Leslie did her research and found out about the KneeVisc 5® treatment at ViscoGen™. Immediately after consulting with the medical team, they recommended a treatment plan for her using this groundbreaking technique that addresses the root issue, provides support and nutrients to the knee, and has restored her life.

“I’m me again!” Leslie says, as she explains how she can now do all of her favorite activities, including walking to the beach in front of her home.

Watch her testimonial below to learn about how this innovative, nonsurgical treatment for knee pain changed her life!