For the millions of Americans suffering from chronic knee pain, there is an innovative treatment that doesn’t involve unnecessary surgery or prescription medication while offering relief from pain. While the idea that a laser could replace or delay the need for surgery may sound futuristic, latest innovations in the field have shown multiple benefits of a laser-based treatment. 

To that end, we are proud to announce that we have invested in the highest quality Class IV Summus Laser and are offering this service to the residents of Orlando and surrounding areas as part of our comprehensive knee pain system! How does it work, and what are the benefits?

It Reduces Inflammation

When the tissues in and surrounding the knee become irritated and inflamed, it can get very painful very quickly. Laser therapy for knee pain has shown several benefits in pain relief by rapidly reducing inflammation, swelling, and redness in the area. Patients report pain relief very quickly and an increase in the mobility of the joint almost immediately.

It’s Little to No Downtime

Unlike surgery, laser knee therapy is a very gentle, non-invasive method to reduce pain that will have patients out of the chair back to their regular routine in no time. On the other hand, surgery can take weeks and months out of your plans to recover and rehabilitate, and can be a very painful process. Many people cannot work or help around the house and therefore need to be taken care of for some day to day activities.

It Works

Did you know that some patients report long-lasting pain relief even just after a few sessions of laser therapy? While every patient’s case is unique and different, the laser helps improve blood flow, restores nutrients, reduces inflammation, and helps your knee get better. Laser knee therapy is truly a viable option for many patients suffering from a number of painful knee conditions – and they can come explore their options at our clinic!

The physicians at ViscoGen™have helped thousands of patients recover from chronic knee pain with our comprehensive KneeVisc5® treatment – a program dedicated to strengthening and protecting the knee and helping patients get back to an active lifestyle! Many of our patients have found relief from knee pain by using this powerful new laser technology as part of a comprehensive, multi-step program. To learn more, schedule your free consultation today.