Dr. Gerald Mattia doesn’t simply practice chiropractic, his life was saved by it.

When he was only 15 years old, he was told he had a heart condition that gave him a few months left to live. Rather than spending what little time he had left in a hospital, his mother took him home to spend quality time with her son. Open heart surgery meant a near 100% chance of death – it was simply too risky. It was then that young Gerald began to work with a chiropractor. Miraculously, after several sessions, Gerald’s heart started working properly again.

19 years went by until Dr. Mattia was told he would need surgery again. But this time, his chance of surviving open-heart surgery had gone from 1% to 98% due to improvements and massive advancements in medical technology. For this reason, Dr. Mattia believes that chiropractic saved his life. Chiropractic medicine bought him almost two decades of quality life before needing a surgical procedure.

To this day, Dr. Mattia applies his experience and specialized knowledge to help his patients achieve better health outcomes without resorting to surgery. At ViscoGen™, he practices innovative, non-surgical protocols to relieve chronic, debilitating knee pain.

We sat down with Dr. Mattia to learn more about him and his philosophy of treating knee pain.

Q: Tell us about ViscoGen™ and why you started this practice.

I always look for non-surgical ways to help people, especially senior citizens with bad knees who are considering a knee replacement. First of all, a knee replacement is very dangerous on the senior because it runs the risk of developing an infection. If an infection sets in, then the risk of pneumonia increases and so does the chances of passing away.

Surgery is extremely, extremely painful and very difficult, especially for seniors. And they may never get their range of motion back. So that was the reason ViscoGen™ started. So, we started to look for ways what was the best way to help people like seniors, to avoid a surgical procedure and do it right.

Q: What other options are there out there?

Okay. And we looked at all the other options. There are people that give cortisone into the joint to get rid of pain, Well, the thing is that cortisol really doesn’t work – it might relieve pain temporarily, but in the end, it permanently destroys the ligaments in the knee, so the chance of recovery diminishes. Patients who choose this option can get the cortisone only three times a year. If you destroy the tendons using this method, you’ll be left with no other options but pain and possibly a knee replacement surgery.

And so, there was a real reason why we wanted to create a new, non-surgical treatment program that could really help people like this. We’re not into temporary relief, we want to give long-term solutions for our patients.

Q: Tell me about KneeVisc 5®, the non-surgical treatment that’s helped so many patients get relief from chronic knee pain and osteoarthritis?

With this comprehensive program, we take care of every aspect of the knee and educate our patient on what they need in order to see the best results.

Firstly, the main part is that we do one injection a week for five weeks. The reason for that, is we want the knee to build up hyaluronic acid – this is a substance that the body naturally produces. When we do our injections, we do it with very accurate visual guidance to make sure that that hyaluronic acid gets into the joint. A lot of injections, if they don’t go into the right part of the joint, well it’s just a waste of our time and the patient’s money.

Prior to the injection therapy, we perform a total rehab on the patient, that can include a diet plan and a fitness program. We use braces and we also have one of the only anti-gravity treadmills in the area. We put our patients through an exercise program usually half an hour before we do the injection to strengthen it.

After we’ve done this for five weeks with a patient, we do a three month follow up to make sure everything is going well. The final injection we administer uses a combination with PRP, which has regenerative properties to enhance the results.

KneeVisc 5® patients have been getting really, really good results, just about 98% of those people coming in here are feeling much better. It certainly beats been getting an operation – and they can do it over every six months if they want to. So, this treatment program has really helped a lot of people. The results have been incredible

Q: I understand you’ve invested in the Alter-G, an anti-gravity treadmill, to provide your patients with the best in class treatment for knee pain. How does that help people with knee pain?

The Alter-G is pretty amazing for helping our patients strengthen their knees. For example, if I have a 200-pound gentleman, I can set the treadmill to take off 80% of his body weight. In that way, he’s only carrying 40 pounds instead of 200 pounds, which gives him the chance to use and develop the muscles and joints without straining them. We’re one of the only clinics that invested in this state-of-the-art technology, but we’ve found it to have great results with our clients.

Q: At some point, when is it evident that someone would in fact need knee surgery?

If they get no results or relief from pain after completing the KneeVisc 5® treatment, then it’s possible that the only alternative at that point would be to have the surgery. Most of the time, a knee replacement is bilateral, or caused by the bone-on-bone sensation. If a patient is very elderly, surgery may be a very risky option. Instead, they might want to try a bilateral brace that opens up the joint. It could provide some relief. But our overall goal is to delay or avoid surgery in the first place, unless it is absolutely necessary. Surgery is always a final resort.

Q: You don’t just treat the knee pain, though, you also treat the source of the problems – how do you help your patients with nutrition and overall health?

We definitely sit down and talk to them about their health and their nutrition, and what they have to do from a health standpoint. We do make our recommendations, mostly about what natural foods they should be eating. We also recommend certain supplements, vitamins, and natural herbs to help with joint health.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you face with patients?

Well, we can educate them. But we can’t make their decisions. They have to realize that every human being on this planet is responsible for themselves. They have to make a decision, you can lead them to water, but you can’t force them to drink. You know, the bottom line is it’s got to just keep on reinforcing your position. And hopefully, it clicks in with them. And a new lifestyle will repair them.

At ViscoGen™, our team of medical specialists help treat the knee by addressing the pain at the source, following an innovative, non-surgical treatment plan designed to provide long-lasting relief for knee pain. To learn more, contact us today.