When it comes to any type of injury or condition, it’s best to start with the most natural and least invasive treatment methods possible, but in some cases, supporting repair and healing requires more advanced techniques or technologies. Due to circumstances like an aging population and an increase in obesity rates, knee pain is quickly becoming one of the most common pain conditions in the United States, with more than 25% of the population reporting symptoms. Sometimes symptoms are more severe, and in an effort to avoid drastic measures like surgery, intermediate treatments like injections are your best course of action. Which are the best kinds of knee injections?

Non-Steroidal Injections

Non-steroidal injections are a great starting point for many knee pain conditions, because they use pain-decreasing medications in combination with non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory options. In some cases, this can be enough relief for patients to get further along in the healing process by allowing participation in physical therapy sessions with less pain and increased activity levels for better mobility. In other words, non-steroidal injections can be the best knee injections for people with knee pain, allowing them to be more active and moving.

Low-Dose Steroid

When patients have more severe symptoms or don’t respond to the non-steroidal options for pain relief, it might be time to involve a steroid. Inflammation in the body is a warning signal, alerting us to injury by causing pain, and it triggers the immune and repair systems in the body to take action. In some cases, the natural healing process is hampered because the inflammation prevents the circulation of waste products out of the area and the flow of healing oxygen and nutrients in.

In these situations, short term use of a low-dose steroid can rapidly decrease pain and swelling to stimulate faster repair and return to function. At the same time, it’s important to note that steroidal knee injections aren’t always the best option for knee pain, because while they may bring relief, they also damage the tissues in the knee forever.

KneeVisc 5® – Hyaluronic Acid Knee Injections

Our 5-step program that uses the benefits of hyaluronic acid injections is often the best next choice for pain relief when other methods have failed.  These knee injections are natural, effective, and don’t result in any damage to the joint itself, unlike steroidal options. Not only that, they are a better option for those with diabetes, because steroids can spike blood sugar levels, complicating the condition.

HA injections work by replacing a natural, gel-like substance in the knee joint, which can increase lubrication and shock absorption. A treatment can involve a few injections and results typically last 4-5 months and up to a year. In some cases, HA injections can stimulate the joint to produce more acid naturally, buffering inflammation and coating nerve endings for less pain. HA injections are an important aspect of the innovative treatment process developed and offered by ViscoGen™, KneeVisc 5®.

Surgery Isn’t Your Only Option!

At ViscoGen ™, non-surgical orthopedics isn’t just a specialty, it’s what we’re passionately committed to providing our community. Our team of medical professionals is dedicated to providing a path for our patients to return to the lifestyle and activities that they used to enjoy, without the necessity of invasive surgeries. If you’re ready for a team that will provide you with honest medical advice and a comprehensive plan for your knee and joint health, contact us today to learn more!