It can be hard to stay active when you’re experiencing knee pain. Pain and inflammation are alarm signals in the body, notifying us of injury or damage and alerting us to change our postures or the mechanics of our movements to avoid further harm. Since the knees are the largest joints on our bodies and bear almost all of our weight with most of our upright activities, it can be especially challenging for the body to compensate without creating some major imbalances. Since most doctors encourage patients to stay mobile to stay healthy, what are alternative cardio exercises for people with bad knees?

Do Some Laps

Swimming is an excellent, full-body workout that provides numerous benefits without the jarring and painful impact of exercises like running. One bonus of cardio-focused exercises is that they use multiple large muscle groups to get your heart rate up, and this can mean some intense strengthening. This is especially important for the muscles above and below the knee. Weak muscles can destabilize the joint, leading to knee pain and the potential for injury. By building strong quads, hamstrings and glutes, you can find more steadiness and reduced pain in bad knees.

Ride, Slide, or Glide

If the weather won’t allow for a swim or your gym doesn’t offer a pool, other excellent cardio exercises for knee pain include the stationary bike, a rowing machine, and depending on your condition, the elliptical machine. The stationary bike typically includes an upright or reclined seat, which allows you to take most of the weight off of bad knees as you work the larger muscles in the legs, hips and seat. A rower is similar; your weight rests on a seat that slides along a track, allowing you to pull the weight of the body forward and back using a rowing motion with the arm and engagement in the legs. The Elliptical machine keeps you in a standing position, where movements are more like running, but with a gliding, “elliptical” movement that eliminates the impact which could increase knee pain.

Go No Impact

Cardio exercises are incredibly important for helping people come to or maintain a healthy weight, and less weight in the body means less pressure on the joints. However, really effective exercises like walking, jogging, and running can be a challenge when each step means increased knee pain. ViscoGen™ offers an incredible solution that provides all of the benefits of a good workout without the impact or strain. Enter the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill ™, a zero gravity option for exercise! Using a harness and NASA designed technology, the AlterG can reduce the weight of your body by up to 80%, making exercise and therapy possible for those with sore knees.

Need Options for Sore Knees?

When knee pain gets hard to ignore, it’s time to reach out to the team at ViscoGen™ for relief. The medical professionals at ViscoGen™ have dedicated years of time and research into developing the most effective and comprehensive treatment plans available, and focus on every facet of bringing ease, stability, and strength back to your knee joints. Contact us to learn more about your options for knee pain today!